After many years helping our clients realise their dreams, we thought it was about time we put all of our experience and knowledge to good use, and so a project for ourselves has begun!

The project involves the demolition of an existing milking parlour set within the curtilage of a listed property, and the creation of a 4 bedroom dwelling which has been designed to replicate the form and massing of the original building. Predominantly single storey, we have used the sloping site to achieve a section of 2 story’s, the lower level set some 1m below ground level.

Over the coming months you will be able to check in on our progress on site. We will include information and lessons we learn along the way in the hope that it will be useful for others embarking on their own self build project.

.Demolition has already taken place, and we have now dug out a very large hole 1.5m into the ground ready to receive a reinforced concrete raft. The raft is approximately 81m2 in area, and will accommodate three bedrooms and a bathroom.

LESSON NO. 1: If you are digging down below your water table (our water table is 1.4m generally, and we are digging lower by 100mm,) don’t worry! A skilled ground worker such as Steve Smith of S & K can dig a hole in one corner lower than your general formation level. The water will gravitate towards this deeper hole -i.e a sump, and using a pump the formation will remain generally dry. Its amazing how dry it stays.

We are now looking forward to Darren of DJ Francis beginning laying the tanking and setting out the steel reinforcement ready to pour the raft at some point next week. Watch out for our next post on the forming of the raft.

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