Laureate PaddocksNewmarket

This project was to enhance the current site and utilise an area of unused land to provide new commercial units to support local businesses.


Our client tasked us with redevelopment of a site within a current commercial area with an office currently occupying the site.  The office was to be demolished, re-housed and replaced with seven new commercial start-up units.

Key Challenges and Successes

  • Moving the entrance to provide more efficient and safe access to the new commercial units.

  • A 'fabric first' approach to the design to minimise energy consumption, 

Procurement Route

Traditional tender.

Service Provided

Concept Designs, planning application, Principle Designer Duties, discharge of planning conditions, preparation of a working drawing package.

Design Process

The site was designed to maximise commercial floor area whilst complementing the existing commercial unit and protected trees on the site.

Careful consideration of vehicular and pedestrian access was key throughout the design process to ensure flow of visitors was maximised. This also enhanced parking standards for staff and visitors, exceeding the local requirements for both cars and cycles.

The proposed units are single storey with double height spaces aimed at maximising storage and also enabling lorry deliveries, providing much needed flexible commercial units for Newmarket.

Materials and forms were chosen to complement the surrounding architecture.

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