What we do

Gary Johns Architects exist because we want to improve peoples' lives through our buildings, and we want to enjoy the process of designing and delivering our projects.

Our Process

Our process is set out within our BS 9001 quality assurance system. We follow this process for each project, irrespective of size or type. There are three key steps that must be defined before we can commence any project:-

Defining your brief
We take pride in our ability to listen to you and understand your brief from the very outset. We will always try and put forward our ideas and guide your decision making, but ultimately will always deliver what you want and will not impose our likes and dislikes on you if it is clearly not what you want.
Defining your budget

Understanding your budget is as important as understanding your brief. There is no value in us designing a building that you cannot afford to build. If we are concerned that your brief is not deliverable within your budget, we will endeavour to let you know as soon as it becomes apparent.

Defining your programme
We assist you in setting out a realistic programme, and monitor progress against these milestones throughout the process. Delays are often unavoidable, but understanding these risks from the outset helps to keep the project moving in the right direction.
gary johns mock up
gary johns mock up
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BIM (Building information modelling) gary johns

Our main role as architects is to communicate our ideas and designs from conception through to completion to all stakeholders of a project. We can do this through a combination of skill, experience and technology.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)

All our designs begin life in 3 dimensions using Building Information Modelling software (BIM), allowing us to quickly explore design solutions and convey them to clients, planners, consultants and contractors. Effective decisions can be made throughout the design process, increasing the likelihood of getting onto site quicker, and keeping costs under control. 

Our clients also have the advantage of having an intelligent model to interrogate post construction, enhancing their ability to maintain their buildings into the future.

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