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The best homes are the result of great collaboration and dialogue between you and your architect. We want to understand your tastes and aspirations for your home, and the best way of conveying this is to prepare a scrapbook of ideas. This can be in any format you like, but the easiest and most efficient method is to use the internet and search websites  such as Pinterest or Houzz.  

It is important to understand your available construction budget from the outset. It is very easy for a design to grow and become unaffordable. It can often be a challenge to predict construction costs, especially when dealing with an existing building. In these instances it is normally sensible to involve a quantity surveyor to assist with guiding the design. 

There are additional costs before construction can commence which vary from project to project. For example if your site is within a flood risk zone you will likely require a flood risk assessment to support a planning application. As part of an initial free consultation, we outline likely budget costs in order to submit a planning application and prepare construction information, so you have an appreciation of the likely overall cost of a project before you commit yourself. 

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